Iranian Venture Capital Association

Iranian Venture Capital Association, IRVC, is a non-governmental organization representing Iran’s venture capital and angel investor sectors, as well as accelerators and science & technology funding organizations. More than 80% of Iranian VCs and accelerators are IRVC members.

Working closely with policymakers and regulators, we speak on behalf of our members and play a constructive part in developing legislation that will shape the future of finance and investment in Iran.

Our goal in to create a network of active financing institutions, VCs and entrepreneurs in Iran and promote professional investment in startups and new technology based firms.



Networking and support commercialization of research, technology and innovation.

Advise foreign investors interested in financing Iranian startups.

Represent Iran’s VC investment ecosystem.

Spread best practices of VC investment.

Associate with governmental and non-governmental organizations, authorities and

institutes supporting technology and innovation.

Play a constructive part in developing legislation of finance and investment in Iran.