Iranian Venture

Capital Association


Venture capital activists and supporting institutions of this industry during the conclusion of an internal memorandum in 2009 decided to establish a center for gathering of industry activists in Iran, which led to the formation and registration of the Association of Venture Capital Funds and Institutions in January 2012. . Now, with more than 40 active members of the Iranian entrepreneurial ecosystem, we are expanding the network of members and collectors of other interested collections.

The key and main goals of this association are the following:

Development and promotion of venture capital literature

Standardization of risk-taking procedures and activities

Transfer of successful venture capital investment experiences

Improving the interactions of industry activists with government
institutions and organizations supporting the financing of innovation

Board of Directors

Mohammad Mehdi Faridvand
Chairman of the Board
Hamed Sajedi
Vice Chairman of the Board
Reza Zarnukhi
Strategic Advisor
Mehrdad Amani
Member of the Board & Treasure
Roohollah Mir Amini
Member of the Board
Seyed Mehdi Saadat Rasoul
Member of the Board
Deylam Salehi
Member of the Board
Mostafa Naghi Pourfar
Member of alternate
Ahmad Vard
Member of the Board
Mahmoud Karimi
Inspector of alternate
Yunes hamidi
Secretary of the Association

Association Partners Network