Thanks to our large network of investors and entrepreneurs, we provide you with accurate data and transparency on Iranian market to help you make fact based decisions on bringing your capital, innovation or expertise to the market.

By building a solid structure of active financing institutions, VCs and entrepreneurs in Iran, we promote professional investment in startups and new technology-based firms.

We support you within these core services:  

  • Build understanding and awareness on Iran’s investment ecosystem tailored for your business and need.
  • Assist you to become a partner in an existing VC, start your own investment organization or syndicate with local investors.
  • Provide you with the right network in almost every industry sector allowing you to meet with startup and SME financial institutions.
  • Advise you on recent and detailed regulations affecting your business.
  • By representing potential fund structures in Iran, we assist you choose the best-fit structure for your business.
  • By providing realistic evaluation of companies, benchmark and market research studies, we do a comprehensive due diligence for the projects you want to invest in.